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Why InCurA Products

We Innovate Medical Devices for Today, Tomorrow and What’s Needed Next

InCurA is developing a pipeline of products based on its unique know-how and technologies that offer high-performance and enhanced efficacy products and low-cost manufacturing. InCurA lead products in bleeding control are now licensed for manufacturing in KSA.

Market Driven innovations

We perform deep market research to identify innovation gaps in the current medical devices. Such innovation gaps meet with a market need especially focusing on the MENA region.

Advanced Research

Our team of multidisciplinary, researchers apply the latest of technologies to develop innovative solutions that meets such market and biomedical needs holding competitive edge over those currently present.

IP protected innovations

Our products are IP protected in the US patent office. We are working everyday on extending such protection to different territories.

Low cost and innovative manufacturing process

At InCurA we not only develop the product but also its low cost innovative manufacturing process. In our introduced lines of products such manufacturing process is also IP protected.

Direct support

At InCurA we work hand in hand with the licensor or the manufacturer for installing the production lines and supervising the production of the products as per the required criteria.

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We are in mission to democratize access to high quality medical devices. We are meeting global innovation gaps. we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. From the initial concept to the final product.


InCurA is paving the way in the Middle East for translating biomedical research to globally competitive products. We are thriving to Implement a road map for the local manufacturing of globally competitive biomedical solutions.


We Believe that WE CAN
We Commit to Continues Movement and Growth

We established the business model

The absence of innovation and manufacturing of high-quality medical devices in the MENA, region deprives our communities of access to life-saving and enhancing healthcare Solutions.

InCurA launched with the vision to democratize access to healthcare solution. InCurA addressed the Valley of death in the MENA region where biomedical research and innovation dies via establishing commercial partnerships.

InCurA detects a medical and market need and then utilizes the latest advances in machine learning to develop a novel line of Al-optimized
devices and deliver them to the market via the network of manufacture and distributor established via InCurA to allow such medical devices to reach the patients with greatest needs.

InCurA connected the market need with the lab then the manufacturing factory and the distributing company.

We always had the mindset for biomedical innovations and now Incura paved the road for its translation into products.

Deep Market research

With our strategic partners for marketing and distribution we perform a deep market research to identify and medical market need in the MENA region that usually coincides with an innovation gap in the Global medical device market.

Al enabled R&D

Our team of scientists from different disciplines work on developing a solution and innovation that meets that market need. Our R&D is facilitated and optimized via advanced machine learning.

Clinical trials and scientfic marketing

InCurA established a high caliber team and network for the clinical trial evaluation and subsequently the scientific marketing of the developed products.

Manufacturing and distribution

InCurA estiblihed the requirement required network for manufacturing as well as agreements for distribution in all the GCC countries and Egypt.

Our Products

InCurA lead products are hemostatic agents for bleeding control covering all kinds of dental and surgical operations and also suitable for accidents and the military.

We offer a full range of products for bleeding control that include:

Collagen and Gelatin sponges and powders (ColiSorB)

Starch hemostatic powders (CurASeal).

For more information please visit our products pages.

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Our scientists

Experienced Team


Wesam Sarhan

Co-founder and CEO

Mousa Salem

Mousa Salem

Co-founder & CTO

Sara Omar

Sara Omar

Head of Clinical Research

Eman Khalil

Eman Khalil

Leading Biological Evaluation

Rofida Zagloul

Rofida Zagloul

Biological Assessments

Mahmoud Adel Ghaffar

M.Abdel Ghaffar

Chemical Engineer


Mayar Mahmoud

Chemical Researcher


Michael Kamal

Biomaterial Researcher


Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed Ahmed

Abdullah Hassanin

Abdullah Hassanin

Product Development Engineer

Ahmed Hegazy

Ahmed Hegazy

Chemical Researcher

Advisory Board

Tarek Roushdy 1

Tarek Roushdy

Strategic Business advisor

Alaa Eldin Idris

Alaa-Eldin Idris

Process Technology Development Advisor

Ayman A. Saey

Ayman A. Saey

manufacturing and distribution advisor

Dr. Abdelatif

Ahmed Abdellatif

Medical Device Biological Evaluation Advisor.

Dr.Tamer ElHussiney

Tamer ElHussiney

Business Advisor

Latest News

InCurA signed license agreements for manufacturing its two lines ColiSorB and CurASeal in Saudi Arabia.

InCurA co-founder, Wesam Sarhan, was recognized as the winner of the ID&E Disruptors Award for the MENA region, as a recognition for the impact of her work on the region.

InCurA co-founder, Mousa Salem, was enlisted in Forbes 30 Under 30 Middle East as a recognition for the impact of his work on the region.