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Mousa Salem

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Mousa Salem

Mousa Salem, is the co-founder & CTO of InCurA.

He is a brilliant researcher in Chemistry and Biomaterials, thus solving problems via reconnecting dots to serve the desired purpose. Mr. Mousa also manages optimizing the scaling up of the developed innovative solutions. Mr. Mousa was a Graduate Visiting Researcher, Harvard Medical School with strong experience in product design, fabrication, and development of medical devices.

As well as involvement in cutting edge research projects at different entities such as Alexandria University, Zewail City, and the American University in Cairo. Mousa was exposed to a broad spectrum of projects in the field of biomaterials and nanofabrication.

In addition, Mousa worked on developing transplanted 3D scaffolds supporting the tissue engineering of pancreatic beta cells for diabetic patients. Furthermore, he worked in collaboration with a Sir Magdi Yacoub, a well-Known physician that was responsible for the very first heart transplant, on development of stent biocompatible homogenous coatings for the prevention of the complications correlated with stent transplantation such as inflammation and immune body reaction.