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Wesam Sarhan

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Wesam Sarhan

Wesam Sarhan is the co-founder and CEO of InCurA.

She is also an adjunct assistant professor at the American University in Cairo (AUC). She is a passionate entrepreneur aiming at the translation of innovative research ideas to actual products in the Middle East.

She has over a decade experience in entrepreneurship in the healthcare field, won multiple competitions and secured multiple funds. She had her PhD in nanotechnology from the AUC, and her master’s in microbiology and her bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences. She is the co-author of multiple papers and 4 international patents and an international book about commercializing nanotechnology and facilitating its adoption in different industrial sectors, with actual examples in every case “Nanovate; commercializing disruptive nanotechnology.

She co-founded two previous startups, NanoEbers and NCTech. NanoEbers was a startup specialized in advanced multifunctional honey wound dressings, the dressings have a granted patent in Europe and raised interest from Italy for distribution, and Hartmann in Germany. Interestingly, through NanoEbers she was able to build the first local lab scale electrospinner in Egypt