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Tarek Roushdy

Tarek Roushdy full

Tarek Roushdy

Tarek Roushdy is InCurA Strategic Business Advisor and Journey Rider.

Eng Tarek was born on December 15, 1960, in Cairo, Egypt. He has extensive experience in managing various companies in the oil and gas industry, starting from being a Sales Engineer in 1987 to his current position as Managing Founder at UI Investments since March 2021. Mohamed has held positions such as Vice President of QMax Solutions, Founder, Chairman & Managing Partner of Environmental Solutions S.A.E and Oil & Gas Solutions S.A.E, and Managing Director of M-I Algeria S.P.A.

He has also worked in Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania. Mohamed holds a degree in engineering from Cairo University and is a member of various business associations.