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Absorbable Hemostatic Sponges

Maximum Blood Absorption

Accelerate Blood Clotting

About ColiSorB

ColiSorB hemostatic collagen sponges and powder flakes developed by InCurA are made from highly purified bovine collagen and offer best performance in blood absorption and bleeding control and highest biocompatibility.

ColiSorB Collagen Hemostat is an active absorbable collagen that accelerates clot formation and enhances platelet aggregation resulting in fastest hemostasis.

ColiSorB is suitable for bleeding control bleeding in a wide range of surgical applications.

ColiSorB is available as ColiDent suitable for bleeding control bleeding in a wide range of dental applications.

ColiDent copy

ColiSorB collagen

ColiSorB collagen sponges

ColiSorB collagen sponges are efficient hemostasis tools that are suitable for different surgical and dental applications.

ColiSorB is available in different sizes and shapes tailored to different kinds of surgeries. ColiSorB can be cut to any shape or size.

ColiDent is available as 1cm3 suitable for dental extractions and dental surgeries.

ColiSorB collagen sponges are characterized by:

Highly flexibility (can be tailored to any space)

Enhance Platelet aggregation and accelerate blood clotting

Instant blood absorption

High blood absorption capacity

Accelerates healing

Gamma sterilized

ColiSorB provides ColiFlake

ColiFalke are Collagen flakes that are effective in controlling arterial bleeding and suitable for narrow and hard to reach surgical sites.

ColiFlakes are available as 1gm  and 3 gm.


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